WLRN / Comcast support


Provides basic cable service to schools free of charge.

Responsible for cable from their outside source to building input.

Responsible to provide and install up to three Digital to Analog (DTA) devices on VCR/DVD devices (that have tuners) in the CCTV equipment rack.


Responsible for initial installation of equipment in CCTV rack, Headend, Receiving Antenna, Amplifiers, and Classroom cable outlets.

WLRN will assess equipment in the CCTV distribution rack as well as other transmission equipment throughout the school. Although it may repair or replace some transmission related equipment, it doesn't repair or replace television equipment in the CCTV distribution rack, the studio or in classrooms.

If a problem is detected with the CCTV distribution system, please contact WLRN Field Engineering Services as follows:

Email Doug Petersen at dpetersen@wlrn.org. In the email provide the following information:

    Contact name
    School name
    School location number
    Problem description

You may also call 305-995-2242 to create a work order.

If it can not be easily determined that the problem is with M-DCPS equipment or Comcast equipment, contact WLRN so that they can determine the issue first.

If Comcast is contacted first, and they determine that the problem is with M-DCPS equipment, they will charge the school for the service call.

C.C.T.V. distribution equipment repair

NCS Industries Inc.
ADDvantage Technologies Group
375 Ivyland Rd. #11
Warminster, PA 18976
fax: 267-803-0849

Professional Video Repair
1771 Blount Road
Suite 206
Pomano Beach, FL 33069