In this section, you will find documents, guides, and reports that can serve as useful tools in implementing a successful library program.

The Policies and Procedures section lists documents that contain district guidelines and policies that can help you implement an effective library program. Included in this section are procedures that can be followed to secure the library media resources in the case of an impending storm/hurricane.

The School Board Policies section lists policies related to library materials and their use. These include the proper use of Audio Visual Materials and copyrighted works as well as the proper procedures to follow regarding challenges to materials.

The Statistical Report sections contains circulations reports generated from the Destiny Library Management System to help you identify circulation trends by grade level and FCAT level, and help you provide targeted services to students to provide greater access to library materials. These reports can serve as valuable tools when assessing the library program and its services and help you modify the library program. While the ultimate goal of the library program is not mere circulations, these reports can provide a glimpse into circulation trends which can be indicative of practices and school based policies on scheduling practices and access to the library media center. Use these reports to help you evaluate the services provided by the library program, and identify areas that may need review and modifying, such as circulation policies and limits, media center hours and access, and scheduling practices.