Checking-in materials Returned from the MDPLS

Perform the following steps to successfully check-in materials for, and remove fines from, patrons who have mistakenly returned their materials to a Miami-Dade Public Library branch.

Step 1) Access the Destiny Catalog and Circulation system by going to

Step 2) Locate your school site on the Destiny Homepage and click on the name of your school

Step 3) Log into your site by clicking on the Login button at the top of the page

Step 4) Use your District ID and password to login

Step 5) Once logged in, click on the Circulation tab

Step 6) In the Circulation window, click on the Check In link on the left

Step 7) Uncheck the "Record in-library use" check box

Step 8) Scan or enter the item's barcode number in the Find Copy field

Several results are possible if the item was:

  • marked "Lost", you will see a message saying the item had been marked lost. It's status will change to "Available" automatically.
  • marked "Lost and Paid", you will see a message that the item had been marked lost and a refund has been applied to the patron.
    • Depending on when the fine was originally paid, you may decide to honor or delete the refund. Please check with your Treasurer for refund policies.
  • already was checked in, you will see a message that says "Copy is already available".
  • was previously deleted, you will see a message that says "Copy "barcode #" not found".
    • You may decide to discard or add back into the system. If discarding, please stamp or write discard on the front flyleaf of the book.
  • checked out, it will check it in and apply any late fee due.
    • If the patron is no longer at your site, you may decide to remove the fine at this time.