Procedures for Discarding Materials


After identifying the materials that need to be removed using weeding criteria, such as the CREW method, please use the following steps in order to properly remove items from your collection:

Delete from the Destiny catalog

Scan the barcodes of the identified materials into a NotePad file and use that file to batch delete in Catalog | Update Copies | Batch Delete, or scan the barcodes directly into Catalog | Update Copies | Individual Delete.

Process the materials

The items should be marked with "Discard". If a book, it should be marked "Discard" inside the front fly-leaf. If an NP item, it should be marked "Discard" on the jacket surface. A Discard stamp is helpful for this purpose. Other ownership markings should be removed, including the barcode. If the barcode can't be easily removed, it should be defaced with a permanent marker, rendering it unscannable.

Remove from the premises

  • Box the discarded items and clearly label the boxes with "Library Materials for Discard".
  • Have the materials moved to a location on the first floor that will facilitate pickup.
  • Send an email to that includes your school's information and lists the items as well as the quantity and location where they can be found.

  • Obsolete materials are inappropriate in the educational environment, no matter where they are housed. Therefore, obsolete library media materials should be removed from the school, rather than transferred to classrooms or other library media centers. In some cases, obsolete materials may be cut up and used for other purposes or may be placed in classrooms in limited numbers for teaching skills that do not require current information, such as using an index. This practice should be kept to a minimum so that classrooms and library media center storage areas do not become cluttered with discarded materials.