2016 Summer Reading List

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M-DCPS Library Media Services mission is to collaborate with educators at all levels in assisting students to become active and creative locators, evaluators, and users of information. With these skills, as well as knowledge of the information search process, students will become skillful consumers and producers of information. This foundation will enable students to become lifelong learners in a dynamic and ever-changing world.

The Library Media Services program facilitates this process by:

  • providing professional resources in a variety of formats;
  • offering professional growth opportunities;
  • networking with community connections offering diverse resources;
  • providing leadership in evaluating and improving school library media programs.

Specifically, the Library Media Services staff will endeavor to:

  • improve student achievement by guiding school library media specialists in integrating information literacy skills throughout the curriculum;
  • improve student reading skills by providing library media specialists with print, nonprint, and electronic resources;
  • offer guidance in developing reading motivation programs and materials;
  • promote the use of technology to locate and use information;